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We streamline the entire process. The buy button, the implementation, the retailer network, the customer service, the marketing, you name it! 3 Day process that will take your brand to the next level.

What we offer

We'll Do The Heavy Lifting

Step 1

Create The Buy Button

In this step we will add your product to our catalog. We will link the product with all our retailers’ inventory systems to get a live feed from them. Once we input all the data, we will be good to move to the next step

Step 1

Step 2

Integrate The Button

Let our experts help you copy/paste the Buy Button code in your website. If you wish to do this yourself, that is not a problem at all. Either login to your Brand portal and copy the code or email us and we will send it your way to paste in your site

Step 2

Step 3

Process Orders

Let your website visitors find retailers who carry your product and purchase directly from them. Our job is to make sure the customer is connected to the retailer and is able to place the order on the retailer payment gateway directly

Step 3

Step 4

Analyze Data

Once the orders are coming in, login to your portal to see how your brand is performing across multiple retailers. Here you will be able to meet your loyal customers and run any integration you would like such as MailChimp for better marketing strategy with future customers

Step 4


Fully customize the checkout experience. We will make your customers' experience native. Let your brand express itself

Implementation Help

Don't want to worry about HTML/CSS/JS/...? We hear you! Let our devs do the work for you while you focus on the brand

Marketing Plans

At Bottle Nexus, we have marketing experts ready to draft you a plan and tell you what works from our industry knowledge

States Coverage

We work with the nation's largest retailers. Ship to almost all states with a shipping speed of 4-5 days average

Customer Service

Bottle Nexus connects your shoppers with the retailer's customer support, providing fast resolutions and exceptional experiences. Our partnerships with top retailers with fully staffed customer service experts streamline operations and eliminate the need for in-house customer service.

Full Analytics

You can track everything happening within your brand and marketing funnel. Track customers' journey from their first click on a Google ad all the way to the checkout.

The Right People & The Right Technology

We are happy to say that we are a 1 stop shop! We will create your buy buttons, implement them on your website, route the orders to the appropriate retailers, handle order journey from the carrier to the customer's doorstep, worry about any issues along the way. What more do you need? Analytics? Sure thing, we will give you full access to everything happening on the shop.

Our Portfolio



Automation helps 95% of businesses achieve what they couldn’t on their own. By giving you more time through automation to focus on your business, you can go beyond the manual work you are used to!

States Coverage

Our retailer network is ever expanding. We support most of the nation through multiple retailers that are using our proprietary 3JMS OMS system. Get access to live inventory at retailers' locations and see where your customers' shipment are at all times.


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